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Project Key Datapoints

Collection Size: 3,000Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

Welcome to the boring world much like our own, where the ordinary takes center stage and the mundane holds its sway. They have dull, monotonous lives that mirror themselves. Their days are filled with a never-ending cycle of repetition, and they all have the same emotion of being suffocated by boredom.

These frogs have learned to like being bored. However, they have finally realized that the only thing that can stop them from growing bored is MONEY.

Levels of Boredom
Get ready to experience a world where the commonplace takes center stage and each NFT is a unique narrative of the uninteresting. Each of the 3,000 NFTs in FINGERZ FROG: Vol. 1 represents a different aspect of boredom, ranging from mild to intense, where even the most routine events are filled with boredom.

Normal (50%) - They represent the essence of daily life. Their experiences are a reflection of the sighs and longings we all experience in everyday situations. They serve as evidence of the universal fact that there is beauty, even in the ordinary.

Medium (30%) - They offer a glimpse into the world of the uncommon within the ordinary. Their lives are devoid of excitement or curiosity, embracing the unique kind of boredom that is their existence.

Hard (10%) - Their stories are a testament to rare moments of profound monotony, where the mundane is celebrated for its very dullness.

Gold (7%) - They shine brightly in this world of monotony. Yet even having reached a level where even the most amazing experiences are sucked up by a constant sense of boredom, they nonetheless persist.

Rainbow (3%) - With them, rarity reaches its peak. These legendary frogs live in a world where terrible boredom permeates every aspect of existence and permeates every moment, even the most routine ones.
Their extreme boredom radiates from within them like a rainbow on their skin.

Introducing the captivating Baby Frogs of FINGERZ FROG : Vol. 1
Prepare to be enchanted by the rarest of the rare, the Baby Frogs, an exclusive trait within the FINGERZ FROG NFT Vol. 1 collection. These tiny amphibian wonders, numbering only 60 out of the 3,000 NFTs (a mere 2%), are poised to captivate your heart and offer exclusive privileges to their fortunate owners.

Baby Frog : Normal (30 NFTs) - Mirroring the moderate boredom of normal-rarity frogs.

Baby Frog : Medium (18 NFTs) - They offer a taste of more boring moments.

Baby Frog : Hard (6 NFTs) - Their colors vividly embodying the thrill of the boredom.

Baby Frog : Gold (4 NFTs) - They shine with the brilliance of unique boredom.

Baby Frog : Rainbow (2 NFTs) - Rarity reaches its pinnacle with the Rainbow Baby Frogs, offering glimpses into lives filled with platitude and mostly boredom.

The Boring Raffle: Round 1
By minting your NFTs, you can join the FINGERZ FROG CLUB and take part in our raffle with different prize tiers based on the ranking of participants. When the public sale is sold out, this event begins within 1 week to honor our FINGERZ FROG CLUB. Here's the breakdown of the total prize pool for this scenario:

• 1st Place: $250.
• 2nd Place: $150.
• 3rd Place: $90.
• 4th to 10th Places: $50 each.
• 11th to 20th Place: $40 each.
• 21st to 30th Place: $30 each.

Not only NFTs, but ART as well.
Join our FINGERZ FROG community to get these wonderful benefits and privileges that will enhance your membership experience. Celebrate the art, enjoy the benefits of being a part of something truly special, and embrace the boredom.

Perks and Utilities

• Allowlist and Drop Access
• Membership Privileges
• Discounts and Promo Codes
• Loyalty Rewards
• Airdrops
• Governance and Voting Rights
• Special Contents
• Exclusive Experiences

We are helping animals with our $1,000 Charity Contribution to PETA
We believe in the power of art to inspire not only creativity but also positive change. That's why we're excited to announce our commitment to charity with a focus on supporting the remarkable work of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

For every 3 NFTs minted in our collection, we're contributing $1 to PETA's vital work in advocating for the ethical treatment of animals. Once all 3,000 NFTs have been sold, we'll be making a total contribution of $1,000. This contribution represents not only our commitment to art but also our commitment to creating a more compassionate world for all living beings. We believe that art has the power to transcend boundaries and inspire positive change, and our donation is a tangible expression of that belief.

PETA's tireless dedication to advocating for the ethical treatment of animals aligns perfectly with our values. Their unwavering commitment to ending animal cruelty, raising awareness about animal rights, and promoting sustainable, cruelty-free living resonates deeply with our mission. PETA's global reach and impact are truly remarkable, making them an ideal partner for our charitable endeavors


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