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Fine Art Students | FREE MINT

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Emre Kayahan


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: August 19, 2022Collection Size: 3,333Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

Fine Art Students is a project of 3,333 NFTs hand drawn by talented Art Students! Our NFTs are very unique and it's on ETH blockchain. We have a few futuristic plan for you. Don't forget, it's just a beginning for our future. They can be staked and you will be able to earn $FAS by staking. Also, you can use your NFTs for your Twitter profile picture. If you on this stage you are extremely lucky. First come first served. It's a free project so we only expect your support from your heart. The first holder of this project will receive 1 (one) free NFT from our next generation project, which will not be free like this! Our goal is to get biggest community you can see and go to the moon with it. We want to make a decision about our project's future by considering all of your thoughts. Please take a close look to our roadmap we have long way to go together!


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