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ExLabs Pioneer Pass

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Max Sugerman


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Drop Date: August 10, 2022Collection Size: 500Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



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We are ExLabs, a team of doxxed engineers and entrepreneurs with previous experience at NASA, SpaceX, Boeing, and more. Our mission is to create a deep space vehicle with the purpose of capturing asteroids for mining and resource acquisition. Link in bio for more team info.

Our genesis NFT, the Explorers Pass, provides holders ongoing access to all of our web3 initiatives. The pass is made up of two subsets: The Pioneer Pass & the Colonist Pass. Mint for the Pioneer Pass will open August 10, 2022 for anyone on the allow list.

Additionally, just by joining in our discord and participating in our community activities like our live weekly podcast, you will have the chance to win a seat on a Zero G flight, or 5 ETH.

In the short term, holders will get to participate in our collaborative blockchain game & storyline - using airdropped customizable characters/PFPs, comics, tools & supplies, & more to craft pieces of technology that will help the community in their quest to colonize Mars.

Holders will also be given insider access to ExLabs, as well as opportunities for IRL events & experiences. Remember: we are already giving out 2 Zero G flight tickets to the community, and a chance to win 5 Eth by participating in quizzes & events!

Long term, holders of our pass will be given the choice to participate in the Explorers DAO, a community owned & controlled legal entity that will be tasked with partnering with IRL companies to benefit the advancement of humanity into the stars.


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