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ExLabs Explorers Pass

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Max Sugerman


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: June 28, 2022Collection Size: 5,000Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

The Explorers Pass NFT community by Exlabs ( promises an engaging experience in imagining the future space economy. Holders will not only gain insider access into the inner workings of a cutting edge aerospace company through weekly podcasts, quarterly Q&As, and more, the community will also work together to recruit, craft, and develop the necessary elements to build a sustainable colony on Mars.

The storyline will be advanced through a combination of community driven blockchain-based missions & the Astro comic series, coming in 2023. The Pass will be split into two tiers: 500 Pioneer Passes + 4500 Colonist Passes. All 5000 passes will grant free access & participation to all future Explorers Pass collections.

We're committing 90% of all proceeds to ExLabs and the Explorers community, with the remaining 10% balance for youth charity, with specifics decided upon by the community. ‍ By purchasing an Explorers NFT, you'll also receive 10 Exploration Tokens per day which can be used for exclusive community benefits including evolving your limited edition NFT, getting your name out into the solar system, displaying artwork or an image of your choice on an actual spaceship, and even provide the opportunity to have an actual piece of a deep space asteroid.

2022 Q3 - Explorers Pass Mint 500 Pioneer Pass mint + 4500 Colonist Pass mint Token Redemption, First pass airdrop, Tool & Supply claim opens, Zero G winners announced

2022 Q4 - Astro Recruitment Trainee & Astro suit claims open, public Astro mint, R&D Mission begins

2023 Q1 & Q2 - Astro Comic Series 1 schematic designs airdropped, Resource Gathering Mission begins, Astro Comic Series 1 digital drop & physical claim, new missions announced

2023 Q3 & Q4 - Astro Comic Series 2 Astro Comic Series 2 digital drop & physical claim, more airdrops

2024 & Beyond - Phase 2 Phase 2 Roadmap, Live rocket launch party, IRL trips to space, own a piece of an asteroid, and more . . .

Future collections tied to Explorers Pass Mint. See website for details


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