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Enigmatic Box

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Drop Date: November 7, 2022Collection Size: 7,000Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

The Enigmatic Box is the first advanced loot box on Ethereum. It's 100% on-chain and will exist and retain its functionality as long as Ethereum does. Generating the collection on-chain right at opening the box ensures fair chances of rarity down to the very last box. You can open it as soon as it's possible or decades from now. Making it a true collectible that can increase in value.

Join OnChainBirds in the gamified upgrading process and collect multiple tiers of boxes that yield a unique on-chain collection. Either claim a box with a bird that's nested before the drop/claim or mint a limited high tier box.

Why should you care about fair randomization when buying/minting nft boxes?


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