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Emerald Rise NFT Collection by HummingbirdX

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Drop Date: May 14, 2022Collection Size: 5,555Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



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HummingbirdX is a digital fashion brand that creates fashion NFTs for Metaverses and Gaming. Its team is excited for the evolution of the NFT space and how it can bring exciting digital assets that empower everyone to express their creative side in the digital world.

HummingbirdX wants to build a community of digital fashion users, gamers, and NFT enthusiasts and offer them exclusive benefits in the future. The long-term vision is to create a digital fashion brand that produces creative digital assets that are unique and realistic.

The brand is all about elegance, creativity, and simplicity. The first collection of HummingbirdX is called ‘Emerald Rise’. It is designed in collaboration with the designer Victoria Horning, who has worked with major fashion brands like Vans, Zara, Kenneth Cole, and many more. The collection is inspired by the beauty and agility of hummingbirds reflected in the vibrant and colorful design. Each digital sneaker has been carefully created with attention to every detail as in a realistic sneaker — the material, the texture, design, colors, and more. Emerald Rise has 5,555 3D generative sneakers with different attributes/ traits and varying rarities to choose from.

HummingbirdX promises only what the team is certain of delivering. Currently the team is in the works of creating collaborations in multiple areas (brand, tech, celebrity endorsement, and much more), and the roadmap will reflect the same as the community grows and garners more support.


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