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Embody Dopamine

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Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: March 20, 2022Collection Size: 1,000Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Polygon



Project Description

Welcome to the Dopaverse The chemical of want and desire, Dopamine and all of glory is now mintable as an NFT. 1,000 individually made NFTs.

What is the Embody Dopamine Project... Dopamine is the chemical, released by the brain, of want and desire.

When you fall in love, your brain releases Dopamine.

When you overcome adversity, your brain releases Dopamine.

When you take mind-altering substances, your brain releases Dopamine

Now imagine if Dopamine, and all of what makes it special, was embodied into a human presence, what would it look like? From that question, The Embody Dopamine Project was born.

Leading up tp the drop we are giving away up to 50 NFTs, ranging from our Legendary tier to our Silver tier

Alongside this we are giving away over 3 ETH! This will take place once the collection has dropped.


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