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Ego in the programming language C++

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Project Key Datapoints

Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

It is the ego of the object-oriented programming language C++. Everything on the screen consists of C++. It consists of a total of 17,600 lines.

The racing game, URBAN CRUISE, is a project currently under development. The aim is to develop the best racing games in existence. Graphics and contents are being studied continuously, and the reference picture below is a prototype.

The weather and four seasons that change in real-time, various vehicles with more than 600 vehicles, various contents with friends, comprehensive and accessible open-world maps, multiple tracks, and not just racing, but something new and different will welcome you. We are raising funds through NFT.

Special benefit -

All owners who purchase NFT will be provided with (standard edition) free games when the game is completed. (On request)

For owners who purchase more than 100 ETH, desktop PCs and (premium edition) games are provided free of charge. (On request)

For owners who purchase more than 300 ETH, we will add a name to the game along with item 2 and provide a dedicated vehicle(in-game). (On request)

Request method - You can send the purchase history and the key provided to the mail written in the TXT file.


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