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Doglins Official

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Doglins Official


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: November 30, 2022Collection Size: 2,211Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

Doglins are a cursed race of dogs who were turned into half goblins and half dogs by a Wicked Witch. They are now on a quest to hunt down said Witch and make her undo their curse. Some say they saw the Wicked Witch in the Metaverse! Is this true? There is only one way to find out, they too must enter the unknown realms of the Metaverse.

Doglins dream of becoming financially free and will follow the Doglin King until they are all their own bosses. They will be coached and learn how to start building a brand or company of their own. However only dedicated Doglins will achieve this goal and only if they put in the work. To help them out we are going to give away $1000 to one lucky holder, terms and conditions apply.

Join our Discord and have a chance to win a FREE MINT.
Presale 0.00Eth
OG sale 0.075Eth
Public Sale 0.10Eth


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