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Doge In Space

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Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: February 19, 2022Collection Size: 8,888Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Polygon



Project Description

Space Doge is a collection of 8,888 genesis NFT’s for Doge fans.

Absolutely unique and randomly generated NFTs as dogs in space suits with more than 50 traits for your gamified user experience.

Each NFT will bring passive income in $SPACEDOGE tokens to its owner!

Participate in space doge races and increase your level!

Participation in dog races costs a certain amount of SPACEDOGE.

Only one of the dogs participating in the race wins, and the winner is determined at random.

The winner receives half of the total race entry fees.
The second half of entry fees is burned, thereby reducing total available token supply.


- MINT and listing on Opensea

- $SPACEDOGE token launch/Listings/Bounty

- Space Doge Races launch! GameFi ecosystem development

- $SPACEDOGe Yeild Farming launch

- Increasing the utility of NFT and $SPACEDOGE token


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