Collectible - Metaverse - Rewards - September 26, 2022 – Build & Sell Algorithms With AI

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Drop Date: September 26, 2022Collection Size: 5,000Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description - Build & Sell Algorithms With AI

No programming skills required. Just drag, drop & define your variables.
Let AI do the rest & offer your creation on our marketplace.

Displai is the first and only drag & drop, AI-supported algorithm and visualization editor, and Algorithm-as-a-Service (AaaS) marketplace. You don’t have to be a coder to build great applications. You only need to have an idea and suitable data sources. Our intuitive algorithm builder will guide you through the process. Publish your work on our marketplace and earn a constant passive income.

In cooperation with we’re issuing 5,000 NFT-based early bird licenses – called “Non-Fungible License Tokens (NFLTs)” on the Ethereum blockchain.

- All holders share an equal part (1/5000) in our 25% revenue sharing program
- Forever free accounts for your own personal or commercial use (no fees or commissions taken)
- Sell or auction your NFLT to large corporations – as soon as they discover that a forever-free-license is more economical than paying monthly fees
- Exclusive early bird access to beta versions
- Exclusive access to content/previews in a locked Discord channel
- Exclusive AMAs

The Marketplace
You created an algorithm or visualization, that may be useful to others and you would like to monetize your work? Then publish your work on the marketplace and start earning a passive income! We take a little fee and commissions, but you get to keep 90% of your revenue.


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