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DiNodes NFT

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Dinodes NFT


Project Key Datapoints

Collection Size: 7,777Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Polygon



Project Description

Welcome to, The Dino Nodes Club (DiNodes). A group of 7777 unique Dinos living on the Polygon Blockchain. Long long ago, in the lost land of tropical forests, lived the last-ever group of cute dinosaurs, the DiNodes. They used to roam around the earth in search of their owners until they found a huge cave which actually was a time loop and they got trapped! Fast-forwarding to 2022, after decamillenniums of the time loop adventure, humans have found the technology to free these cute DiNodes just by minting them. 1 DiNode NFT = 1 lifetime ticket to multiple weekly rewards The holders of DiNodes will also have a chance to vote on many big decisions made throughout the project.


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