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Dapper Ape High Society

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Dapper Ape High Society


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: February 19, 2022Collection Size: 500Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Solana



Project Description

DAHS is a Solana based metaverse project focused on developing 3D video game characters created with metaverse compatible voxel technology — We are not selling JPEGS!

The DAHS “Build-An-Ape” feature gives users the freedom to customize their ape to fit their personal style, earn EXP, and level up to a higher tier! These customizable apes are fully functional metaverse video game avatars that can be easily integrated into a variety of games where you can show off your creation!

The fully doxed DAHS Team has even partnered with Case Western Reserve University & the Sears think[box] to host DAHS Hackathon — the first ever international blockchain-NFT hackathon! To further our mission of supporting blockchain education and entrepreneurship, we are also the first NFT project to offer both scholarships and a business incubator fund through our iconic DAHS Tank.

DAHS was inspired by a team that grew frustrated with the growing trend of low effort, money grab NFT projects that provide no utility. These issues are amplified by frequent rug pulls from faceless founders that have caused distrust in NFTs as a whole. To prove our authenticity and to be as transparent as possible, everyone on our team is fully doxed on our website. Many of these projects sell simple JPEGs for outrageous prices, while only offering access to an “exclusive” community of people and making far-fetched promises that they never keep. While offering a close-knit community is a large part of the NFT space, the DAHS Team believes that NFTs are destined for more.


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