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Curve: 4th Dimension by Zeeverse

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Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: January 30, 2023Collection Size: 1,111Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

Zeeverse together with proudly presents a one-of-a-kind Play2Mint experience.

Prepare to join Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit of Zeeverse, on a Summoning Day ritual to aid him in completing the sacred Curve Portal.
Show up on time, take part in the unique social quest, and reap the sacred rewards.

Curve: 4th Dimension by Zeeverse collection of 1111 will be minted in 6 phases through 3 days long Play2Mint event taking place in Zeeverse.

Each phase will be carried out in 3 stages, where participants will have 1 hour to obtain an allowlist and free mint.

But keep in mind that the sacred realm's capacity is limited, and only the most nimble of Shamans shall claim their entry.

What is Zeeverse, you ask?
An indigenous fantasy world you explore as a young Shaman. A place where you assemble your mighty ZEE pack and take part in strategic turn-based battles to help protect Zeeverse from the Corrupted meddling forces. A social adventure and a web of ancient mysteries waiting to be unravelled.

Event Details:
Date - 30.01.2023 - 01.02.2023
Phase 1 starts 30.01.2023 at 12PM UTC @ Zeeverse.

Total Supply: 1111
Price: FREE

To increase your chances of getting in first:
1) Create an account in Zeeverse in advance (and complete the tutorial):
2) Turn on the Notification on our Twitter - that's where the quest will be announced.
3) Join our AMAs and Twitter Spaces for hints.

Learn more at -
Twitter -
Discord -
Telegram -


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