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Crypto Dragonies P2E NFT Game Announcement

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Cryptos Dragon


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: June 6, 2022Collection Size: 10,000Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

Crypto Dragonies is a Next-Gen NFT P2E Game!

The dragon's world was always been fascinating and as dragon lovers, we wanted to take that dream and create a mythical world with legendary creatures that rule over the neverending realm that will take your breath away.

Crypto Dragonies NFT P2E game will be free 2 play NFT game, however, only the holders will be able to participate in the Crypto Dragonies legendary realm and get early access to the most important part of the Play-to-Earn metaverse.

The NFT Gaming Space

CryptoDragonies is a collection of 10,000 NFTs made for dragons lovers. Each NFT is completely unique, hand-crafted from over 150 traits based on the Ethereum network with ERC-721 standard. Our unique Crypto Dragonies are built on top of the metaverse, with the future abilities to breed, battle, and earn.

Crypto Dragonies Lands

The Crypto Dragonies game will include a few unique worlds:

Naturly - A prosperous land with trees and the sun shining all around.

Waterly - An Ocen land with lots of BIG fishes and dark creatures in the deep.

Stonly - A Land made of solid rocks, that only the toughest climbers can reach.

Firely - The place for the bravest of the dragonies, a fire land that contains the strongest creatures with the highest rewards.

Fantasly - A land mad with just about everything, all the elements combined together, so you can never know what to expect next.

The Amazing Crypto Dragonies Characters

The Crypto Dragonies 10,000 NFTs collection will have 3 main base characters, male, female, and legendary dragons.

Crypto Dragonies leads the way when it comes to the best NFT P2E games of 2022. Crypto Dragonies is an upcoming metaverse project with many interesting game features.

However, the main difference between Crypto Dragonies to other blockchain-based games is that Crypto Dragonies is that we have a large team to support it.

This approach forms the basis of how Crypto Dragonies players can achieve their in-game achievements. In the Crypto Dragonies game, players can own their dragonies with different attributes and breed and

Crypto Dragonies Team

Our team is built with over 35 people from large companies mainly in the SaaS & Gaming industries that are specialized in solving complex problems and bringing new ideas into reality while aspiring to make the world a better place.

Akhekh the company CEO is an owner of a startup company with a multi-million dollar business focused on the Ad-Tech industry. Also an art lover, from physical art collecter to large possession of NFTs, and a blockchain enthusiast that admires Vitalik Buterin.

Drakon our Art Director, started drawing at a young age, from simple oil painting and developed to use all the most advanced graphics software for 2D painting. As well worked at another large SaaS company and was responsible for all the company’s art with over 2.1B yearly revenue.

Kukulkan our CTO he’s mainly focused on solving complex problems on a daily basis. started as a 15-year-old geek that built very long code for a simple game something similar to Bouncing Balls, until today that he’s specialized mainly in Blockchain and Backend development

MINT DATE 06/06/2022

If you want to join our WL - just follow us on Twitter and open a ticket on discord.

Good Luck!


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