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CappyBar NFT

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Cappy Bar


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: September 1, 2023Collection Size: 11,111Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

Pull up! CappyBar is a PFP project that contains 11111 (those who we found so far) capybaras who enjoy drinking cocktails and vibing to the music more than anything else. Some of these cute creatures lived with people for so long, that they inherited human look and behavior while the others are closer to wild animals. What brings them together is the will to relax, have fun and enjoy the moment.

Every Cappy (the NFT capybara) has an unlockable area with a personal code that may be used in a Magical Glass Sphere to reveal the personal traits. While the Grand History Book of this tribe was lost long time ago it takes time to gather the pieces of knowledge among the stars and to reveal them step by step...

The main goal is to build a friendly community, discuss and explore Web3 universe and eventually create a real offline CappyBar in a place with the most beautiful sunsets and more...

The project's roadmap is on the website


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