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Drop Date: March 31, 2022Collection Size: 5,055Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



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5,055 unique badass bones living in the Ethereum Blockchain compose the Calcium4Bones NFT Collection.

After successful sell-out of Stage 1 (Pioneers), Stage 2 is coming (Settlers). Become a Calcium4Bones holder and enjoy all the benefits, including:

- Minting at least 2 NFTs from Calcium4Bones Settler Pre-Sale grants a free NFT from Survivors collection.

- Staking NFTs in Calcium Factory to generate Calcium tokens.

- Royalties from exclusive merch, animated episodes, games.

- Exclusive access to C4B games before they get released.

- Calcium tokens can be used as currency in C4B games or exchanged for eth and free NFTs.

- $50k contest with up to 50 winners.

- Daily events, weekly contests and raffles with eth and free NFTs as prizes.

- Exclusive merch.

- Access to Survivors collection.

- A wholesome community.

- Experienced and fully doxed team supported by professional agencies are waiting for more Bones to rise from the ashes!

Pre-sale: 31st of March

Public sale: 1st of April


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