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Buddie NFT

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Darryl Toone


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: January 13, 2022Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

A place for Team-sized deals,

The buddies NFT is a collection of 8888 unique Buddies With Weekly winning Buddies Earning you ETH.

Why no mint? Team Colors will have massive part in making your buddie rare, we wanted fair chance for you to pick you Team.

Team Buddie

Buddie is a collection of 8888 unique Buddies NFTs. No two are exactly alike.

We will be putting 90% of the income made back in to the Buddies growth with decision made by our community.

By owning a Buddies NFT and being a Buddie member, you gain access  weekly draw, free future mints,  NFT and ETH giveaways and many other perks to be added to our Battlemap!

What you get with your NFT

Weekly Winning Buddie !!! (50% -75% Royalty Paid to Buddies Wallet | Game in Development | Free Mints (for winning Team) on Season 2 | /ETH/NFT Giveaways | In Person Events | Community | Battlemap 2.0 Coming | Endless Possibilities.


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