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Braination starter pack

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Project Key Datapoints

Collection Size: 6,000Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Binance Smart Chain



Project Description

Braination: an NFT P2E space for Brainiacs.

Engage and experience the ever-changing, eventful quests and missions. Train your brain and earn!

Braination aims to build a fully decentralized, user-generated global network to create and share, learn and earn, socialize, and have fun. The platform covers a wide range of audiences, from content creators to quizzers; from gamers to those looking for fun ways to earn, NFT creators to NFT collectors, and many more.


The Conundrum is an online asynchronous NFT game where players compete to complete the tasks and the sessions to advance in the game, acquire points, level up and earn while playing.

The game starts with the Academy session: a prototype created as an introduction to the game, and a reference basis for improving Season 1 of the game.


Unique & playable NFT items from the Braination!

The NFT Collection is an integral and a huge part of the Braination platform and particularly the Conundrum NFT game.

There are two types of NFT items available at the moment:
A Decrypter
A Relyon Egg

Decrypter - A required NFT item to enter the Conundrum Season 1. It is a device used to decipher the codes throughout the game. It can be either bought or earned.

Relyon - the NFT companion creature increasing success rate in completing tasks - will be hatched from a vessel egg once Conundrum Season 1 starts. There are three types of eggs with different probabilities of getting the advanced and rare Relyon:


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