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Brain or Heart?

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Brain or Heart?


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: July 27, 2023Collection Size: 10,000Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Solana



Project Description

On two completely different planets lived two completely opposite races - Brains and Hearts.

Brains were smart, communicated telepathically, and could move objects with the power of thought. They used these forces to develop their planet. They were all equal and knew that enmity would not lead to anything good, so they lived in peace and harmony. One day, the smartest Brain decided to go beyond his capabilities and created a new matter which should have changed their whole world. According to his idea, the matter could erect buildings of incredible size within a matter of seconds and create anything from any material. The idea was good, but since it went beyond the limits of the possible, this matter began to absorb everything on its path. The alarm was announced, but Brains were not ready for this, and there was only one ship on the whole planet that had exactly 10,000 seats on board. This exact number of Brains managed to leave the planet before it was completely absorbed by this dark matter.

The Hearts were nimble, strong, and energetic. The fastest of them could run at a speed of 60-70 km per hour, others lifted weights that exceeded their mass 100 times, and others jumped thousands of meters high. There were the unique ones who were very weak but had some mental abilities. They invented buildings, houses, clothes, and technologies for their people. The leader on their planet was the Strongest Heart, it exceeded all the Hearts on this planet in strength and size. One day, one of the tallest jumpers noticed that something huge was flying to their planet and jumped to warn the Strongest Heart. The leader realized that his race could perish. He thought about his people and realized that he himself could not be saved, and gathered 10,000 of the best Hearts. The Strongest Heart ripped a huge rock out of the ground, placed the selected Hearts there, and launched them into space with all his might.

Brains that escaped from matter wandered for a long time through the expanses of space, and suddenly they were overtaken by a meteor shower. The ship was badly damaged and they were forced to land on the nearest planet. The brains made an emergency landing. They were lucky, and all the Brains survived. The ship was badly damaged, and there was no way to repair it, so the Brains decided to inhabit this planet. They began to study the local flora and fauna. After studying the area a little, they decided to call it New Earth.

At about the same time, a meteorite landed on the other side of the planet, on which there were 10,000 alive and well Hearts. Everyone was lucky because the meteorite fell into a liquid, previously unknown to this race. They realized that they needed to survive in a new world and began arranging a new planet.

A Brain scientist who was researching a new plant noticed that something quickly flashed by. This alerted him since he has not ever seen so fast creature on this planet. Since the brains communicated by telepathy, everyone immediately found out about it and began to think about how to catch and study this creature. They created a psychological trap that one of the fast Hearts accidentally fell into. Brains began to study him.

At this time, Hearts noticed the loss of their scout and sent the most powerful volunteers to search for the missing.

Will these different races be able to get along on the same planet, or will they start a war? We will find out soon...


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