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Badass Pixel Apes

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Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: March 20, 2022Collection Size: 500Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Solana



Project Description

Badass pixel apes.


Stage 1 - the plan so far:

  • Gather organic members keep as natural as possible
  • Start mint on Launchmynft (its done but some are having issues minting im aware of this issue pleae bare with me this is due to the solana chain being extremly congested currently )
  • Sell out mint then launch on me
  • Finalize roapmap launch site
  • Add matrica /grape for holder verification and add a active sale bot
  • Mint is 0.0125 but royalties on secondary are 20 percent
  • This is because of the funding will will need to run the (nft staking /burn) casino and lp for bape token, this will work like degencoinflip with 50/50 chance to lose or win ,
  • This will be more unique as not only will you lose your nft ,you will be able to win a another gen 1 but lose and a random gen 2 holder will win your nft , but heres the catch they have two options once they recieve this they will get choice to burn the nft and gain some bape token in return or they can keep nft to hold.
  • I will make a vote in few weeks few days before gen 2 mint to decide if you want me to dox i would be happy to by the way.


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