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Ape In Poker

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Drop Date: August 22, 2022Collection Size: 5,555Marketplace: MagicEdenBlockchain: Solana



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Ape In Poker brings poker into Web3, giving you unparalleled safety and security you won’t find anywhere else. Ape In Poker utilizes blockchain technology to enable players to keep their money in their own wallet rather than depositing it inside the site, enabling players to walk away with their winnings immediately, rather than face cash-out concerns or frozen funds! Our platform also enables **communities and clubs** to hold their own cash games and tournaments, as well as allowing single players the ability to find these games!

Invest in the $HOUSE, because the $HOUSE always wins
♣️ Holders of APE IN POKER will receive a weekly yield of the $HOUSE token
♣️ Earn $HOUSE coin based on how many Genesis NFTs you hold, and your card level.
♣️ Gain access to the APE IN POKER TOUR, and in-person Championship tournament in Las Vegas held Dec 28-31
♦️ Holders will enjoy a reduced entry fee to tournaments
🗺️ We are currently licensed in Costa Rica which allows us to be a fully legal operation.


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