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Angry polar bear club

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Rubab Fatima


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: May 30, 2022Collection Size: 10,000Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

10,000 Angry Polar Bears🐻‍❄️ are living in the :_wc_c7_ethereum: ETH blockchain. They are really :pepesadmask: upset at us, humans🧔‍♂️ , for being so careless about Global Warming🔥 . This is the main reason the Arctic is melting:FireBall: twice as fast; therefore, their habitat is being damaged, causing their species to go in danger ⚔️ with the probability of going extinct.

Unique NFTs :Bearish:


Traits :spincolors:


Presale Price :XLMoney:

0.039 eth

Public Sale Price :MoneyWave:

0.055 eth

Benefits of Angry Polar Bears NFT

- Have a voice in the project through DAO :9123_red_circle: decision-making.

- Low risk - High reward :Money:

- By owning 2 Angry Polar Bears, you will be able to breed 🤑 both and get one BABY POLAR BEAR for free!

- Own full Comercial rights 💰

- Participate in exclusive giveaways :8090_flyingmoneyparrot: and member events 🤝 .


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