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Ancient X Society

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Drop Date: September 30, 2022Collection Size: 4,444Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



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The Ancient X Society NFT, is a project dedicated to building a great community with 9 Unique Collections based around ancient societies around the word.

🌟 Each collection will consist of only 1,500 NFT🌟

Strongly focused on PERKS & UTILITIES and not just art... include:

💎 Travel Experiences across the world
💎 Crypto Vault/Portfolio
💎 Royalty Income for Holders
💎 Charity donations
💎 Merch Store Linked to Crypto Vault
💎 Al generated Art Collection for Holders
💎 3D GAME (1 Game - 9 Ancient Cities)
💎 P2P & P2E Gaming rewards for holders
💎 And other Surprises!

🎉Daily Giveaway spots & free Crypto giveaway🎉


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