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Ancient Dragons

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Ancient Dragons, MINT on 14/04/2022 18:00 UTC


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Drop Date: April 14, 2022Collection Size: 333Marketplace: MagicEdenBlockchain: Solana



Project Description

AncientDragons is P2E NFT Game in pixel art style! We create this game under the impression of the legendary games Heroes of Might and Magic and CryptoBlades! Game will be launched on Solana blockchain.

AncientDragons takes advantage of all the perks of blockchain technology to create a universe where dragons are the main characters. Train and breed dragons through an automatic battle-style system.

The game has three types of combat: PVE and PVP, Dangeons, where you can farm items and $FLAME tokens that will allow you to advance in the game, and develop game economy. We will keep working with the community to make gaming styles even better in the future.

Dragons, Magic, Dungeons - it's all here, welcome! Tame your dragon and go ahead!


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