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Drop Date: October 26, 2022Collection Size: 877Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

The Project 3877, is the first Japanese Cyberpunk NFT project based on historical facts. It’s composed of a collection of NFT, a video game, a music album, a manga, and an anime taking place in 3877, 2000 years after the disappearance of samurais. In the year 1877, in Japan, the samurai made their last battle before disappearing. The story of 3877 is inspired by this real fact and begins 2000 years after it.
2000 years later, Isamu Takahashi, a young student engineer, discovers by chance who was her ancestor, a certain Saigo Takamori. To honor her heritage, and the tradition of fighting for her freedom, she must come out of the shadows. But alone, in the city where she lives, Cyber, which is full of inequalities, she can’t do anything. So, are you ready to become a samurai?


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