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🦓 Zebra Giveaways Series – by Groovy Republic 🦓

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Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: July 26, 2023Collection Size: 1,111Marketplace: MagicEdenBlockchain: Solana



Project Description

`After a successful Giveaways Project 'Zebra Republic', we are back with 1111 Zebras that are bringing 1111 giveaways for you hidden in their Metadata. You can win MacBook pro to PS5 to many more Giveaways (100% Giveaways on all NFTs) plus earn a Life long Passive income every month. Everyone is a Partner in Business here:`

`🛢️ Supply: 1111 (SOL)`
`🗓️ Launch Date: JUL, 2023`
`💵 WL Mint Price: 3.7 SOL (100% winnings of Giveaways)`
`💰 Passive Income: 10% of Profit share from the Groovy Republic Cafe, Bar & Resort throughout your lifetime`
`✅ Verified Team: Yes `


`🎁 WL Spots - You must have completed the steps below before winning a WL spot.`

`☑️ Join Discord & get your WL role`
`☑️ Follow Twitter @groovy_republic, Like, RT and Comment our Pinned post`

`❌ No Stake to earn shi.ts ❌`
`❌ No Play to Earn shi.ts ❌`
`✅ Only Physical real Utility where your are Partners in Business throughout your life ✅`


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