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Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: May 10, 2022Collection Size: 1,650Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Ethereum



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Project Description

The origin blocks of blockchain have fallen into aliens’ hands in 2222. They are concerned about disasters that happened on earth, so they decided to send Toykong NFTs to warn us about some possible threatening events. The ToyKongs are coming back from the future to share their experiences and also, have some fun on earth.

What to expect

We’ll have special offers for you in every phase

(Different characters, giveaways, animations e.t.c.)

We are committed to helping children achieve their

full potential by ensuring they grow up healthy and

receive a good education. So, 15% of the total

income transparently goes to charities.

We perceive our community as a groundbreaking

union of interesting and innovative entrepreneurs.

If you’re here, you’re already special

1) To sum up, you’ll get an exclusive, non-generated

collection of 1650 pieces of art.

Each Kong has its own, exciting life story to tell. We’ll add limited

rare traits to the Collection. Increasing the impact

on the visual aspect and diversifying the project in general. Kongs will reveal some superpowers and will take on mission impossible.

2) Community build (This is a place for action-oriented,

opportunity-focused creative thinkers

Who’re willing to contribute to charities)

3) Whitelist giveaway (Hosting giveaways to earn

a whitelist spot. Don’t miss the chance to become privileged)

4) NFT Giveaway (By completing quests or winning giveaways,

you’re becoming the member of one of the most adventurous

communities on NFT market)

5) Announcing P2E Game (Play To Earn!!! using the blockchain

technology of cryptocurrencies will allow you to

receive payments from your gameplay)

6) Releasing an Animation as NFT

(For the holders of ToyKong - we’re releasing the animation

of the Kong experience. Appox duration: 5 min. Script: Realizing

he’s capable of travelling in time, the Kong comes back

from the future after 200 years)

7) P2E Game Development. (The game continues!

It’s evolving and becoming much more complex.

NFTs can be traded for cash or sold to other

players in the game’s ecosystem. We’re allowing

you to earn a bigger real-world value)


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