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Taurus Bulls

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Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: June 15, 2022Collection Size: 1,000Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Solana



Project Description

Taurus Bulls is a collection of 1000 NFTs generated on the Solana Blockchain. Each NFT is unique and has a special value.
PHASE 1 ( 01.06-15.06 )
Twitter & discord server creation
Build community ( EVERY DAY )
Promotions, giveaways, prizes
Establish mint details

PHASE 2 ( 15.06 )

Mint day
Secondary marketplace( Magic Eden and Hyper Space )
Rarity ( MoonRank and HowRare )
Holders verification

PHASE 3 ( 20.06-25.06)

Website creation and Staking platform
Launch $TBUL token
Exclusive Collaborations and giveaways
DAO announcement

PHASE 4 ( 01.07-10.07 )

Exclusive alpha group for holders
Whitepaper creation
ROADMAP 2 creation


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