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Pathway Home

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Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: September 11, 2022Collection Size: 500Marketplace: OpenseaBlockchain: Polygon



Project Description

Oaziz Legends: Pathway Home is an NFT collection by Oaziz DAO — a Web3 ecosystem for events. Many crypto projects hold NFT airdrops upon launching their products, but there is a slight difference in how we see this and all of the further airdrops of ours — we want to tell you an interesting, beautiful and entertaining story of how we transform the events space from Web2 to Web3. The story we’re telling with our comics introduces you to Ottomakan, a small centipede living peacefully with his tribe. Everything changes when the huge toad named Webtoo comes to their village and destroys it. Otto and his family survive and escape, starting to look for a mysterious Oaziz, where they can live peacefully and build a new home, but greedy dictator Vebtou is constantly chasing them and doesn’t want them to find and build Oaziz… We are pleased to invite you to participate in our airdrop: Follow the link and find out how to receive free NFTs -


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