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Okami NFT


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Drop Date: June 11, 2022Collection Size: 5,000Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Ethereum



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Project Description

OKAMI is brand associated with its collection of 5,000 unique 3D well-designed NFTs released by a group of Dutch artists.

Each OKAMI is unique and exclusive based on a hundred traits.
The objective is to build the strongest Ethereum NFT community and project.

Entering into the OKAMI Community means joining a family full of investors and NFT enthusiasts who believe in the future of Ethereum and smartchain technology.

Staking platform
With the NFT market booming at the moment and new marketplaces popping up on different blockchains, it’s hard to determine the best projects to invest in. There are millions of NFTs for sale! Value is often based on the credibility of the artist and, let’s be honest, most of the NFTs right now are simply drawings that we really can’t do much with. Why don’t we provide direct utility to holders?

Let’s add the ability for NFT collectors to stake them and receive rewards from it by providing stake and farm rewards.

This new project combines utility to NFT collections - by rewarding holders. NFT projects can deploy their entire collection or a part of that to our DEX with the possibility to stake them and reward stakers and Liquidity Providers with their own tokens. Once the user connects their wallet, the NFTs which are stake-able will appear in the dashboard. The system will automatically recognize NFTs on the Ethereum Network and identify those with staking capabilities. You will be asked for the desired lockup duration and the APR for that time period will be calculated. To earn rewards you will have to stake $OKAMI tokens with the staked NFT(s).

For NFT projects that want to use our staking platform they will need NFTs and tokens. Our developers have made it easy for artists to create a token for their NFTs. A detailed step-by-step instruction manual will be released via our website. Owners can also choose to reward users with other tokens.

The key point for NFT creators is to steadily attract new NFT enthusiasts to their collections, and give their holders the opportunity to earn rewards.


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