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Hustlin’ mfers

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Hustlin' mfer's


Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: April 29, 2022Collection Size: 333Marketplace: MagicEdenBlockchain: Solana



Project Description

There is many mfer collections on ETH and many is successful but all mfers act as equal 1mfer=1mfer

Our goal is to unite all mfers communities and make special events for all and to introduce them to Solana Blockchain.

Our mfers art is combination from OG mfers + meme "are you winning son?"

333 Early mfers , art is not good as main collection that is coming but it will give you some benefits such as:

★ WL + minting main collection for free (3 max per wallet)

★ 5% of royalties from main collection

★ 80% of royalties

★ Get Merch first

★ Early investor status

Goal is to make big mfer community that will do many events for mfers.

Funds from 333 mfers will be invested in mfers , website , merch ,raffles, poker tournaments and other community activities.

★ 90% of royalties are also to mfers and events for them.

★ 10% of royalties going for team.

Join us early mfers and let's take over SOL network just like we did with ETH

One love mfer!


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