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GO2E Sneaker FreeMint

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Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: September 19, 2022Collection Size: 100,000Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Polygon



Project Description

GO2E is a Web 3.0 fitness app with inbuilt Game-Fi, Social-Fi, and Metaverse elements; aiming to become an innovative mobile solution for the next generation of fitness enthusiasts who want to socialize and be active in both virtuality and reality. Users equip themselves with NFTs that are in the form of Sneakers. While walking, jogging, running outdoors, or exercising in general, users will earn game currency, which can be used in-game or cashed out for profit.

Freemint allows us to do many great things, including:
1️⃣Spread the move to earn era to as many people as possible and help them join
2️⃣Allow them a chance to try and experience GO2E without cost
3️⃣Step by step build a sustainable community where people include exercise into their daily lives as a habit

😎 Here’s a secret: Becoming an early holder of GO2E will grant privileges throughout our system development, which will be revealed soon. So hurry up and get your Freemint NFT now!


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