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ANKH Genesis collection

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Project Key Datapoints

Drop Date: July 24, 2022Collection Size: 4,500Marketplace: OTHERBlockchain: Ethereum



Project Description

ANKH is the next generation fashion brand issued in the Metaverse created by and for fashion avant gardists. ANKH has been designed to disrupt the future of fashion.

Roadmap and holder privileges:

Our main ambition is to implement ANKH as an international and exclusive brand owned by a community of passionate.

1. Exclusive physical collection: Our holders will have access to unique drops and exclusive collaboration with other brands.

2. Outfit Metaverse ready: ANKH community will have access to 3D files (.fbx, .blend,...), voxel files and all type of files allowing them to dress their avatars with ANKH outfits ready for all the Metaverse

3. Web 3 Fashion Award: We are going to create the first WEB3 Fashion Award to help young and talented designers to create their first collection.

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